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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Montana Wedding

I was lucky enough to be invited to Amy and Doug's wedding in Montana outside Glacier National Park.
A 3 day event.

The setting was breathtaking.  On 400 acres of private property complete with a pond.

Amy's family and I stayed here in this amazing log home.

The weather was perfect all 3 days.  

Here they are Saturday night at the rehearsal dinner where there was no rehearsal.
Amy and Doug!!

Cute as a button horse shoes with your table number on it.

I called it the Hoe Down.

Sunday morning all the vendors started showing up with all the beautiful displays.
This is for the cocktail hour.

The cocktail area starting to be set up.

I loved this!!

Amy was a hands on girl.  She was out all day helping set things up and just checking things out.
Here she is helping to add her grandmothers lace cloth to the chuppah her father built for her.

The flowers were amazing!

(just kidding)

My high school friend, the mother of the bride along with one of her handsome sons, Justin.

Here comes the bride!

Nancy heading off to the cocktail hour.

High school friends, Nancy, me and Patty.  Can hardly believe it's been over 40 years since we graduated.
It sure does go by fast...

The cocktail hour open bar.  The line starts here...

Just a small vignette at the cocktail hour.

The story behind the scale is....It was Nancy's grandmothers.  Nancy knows me well, she decided to give it to me at home in Orlando.  When all this came about and I knew we were both going to the wedding I thought it would be nice to send the scale out to Montana and have Amy use it in one of her vignettes to honor Nancy's grandmother.  Well, it worked.  Nancy found it without anyone saying anything.  I hope she liked her little surprise.

A little country for the cocktail hour.

I could not get over the flowers, they were amazing.

The sweetest little vignettes all over the place.
Amy really did think of all the details.  What's amazing is she did this all the way from NYC!!
What you can do these days is pretty amazing.  
Warning.....I might say amazing too many times.

Doug's Mom did all the chalk boards.
I think she did a great job!

I didn't get a lot of pictures of Amy and Doug, I left that to the professionals.  

Sometimes you just need a boost from your twin, right Kathy and Penny?!!

The vintage truck and all the vintage furniture were provided by Vintage Whites Market.

The entrance to the reception tent.  See the milk glass vases on the table.  Those were our table assignments.  You had to find the one with your name and carry it to your table.  Another idea that I loved!

So beautiful!  

Vintage eclectic desert plates for your piece of cake.
VCA  has these!

11, yes I said 11 cakes of different kinds served as the wedding cakes.
Pollyanna style!
So beautiful on vintage eclectic cake stands!!
Vintage Chic Affairs has these for your vintage eclectic wedding or party!
Thanks Amy...

This is where I got the idea for the coffee bar.  I just love the vintage eclectic cups all stacked on top of each other, no saucers.  Kathy and I have been collecting cups, we are up to about 150!!  Just think, you could have a coffee bar too!!  Call us, Vintage Chic Affairs...plug plug.

Another beautiful chalkboard, the best idea!!

Guest are starting to find their tables and be served a wonderful meal and then dance all night!

I love this foot bridge, I crossed it all day long trying to be of some help.

If I had 2 sets of twins I would have a nanny too.
She sure did her share of running.

Big sister TRYING to talk to him, do you think he was listening?
See the window to the left on the bottom floor?  That's where I stayed!!

Nope, off they go!

Well, can you believe this was the last picture I got with my camera, the chip was full so I had to put it down and have a good time.  
Congratulations Doug and Amy!
Thank you for inviting me.  

I hope you enjoyed seeing their beautiful wedding.



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  1. OMG, I missed this fabulous post!!! What an event and the rented couches...Gorgeous! Bet that inspired you and Kathy!