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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Do Downtown Bridal Crawl 2014!

We were invited to participate in the 2014 I Do Downtown Bridal Crawl this year!  

Kathy did her magic on this beautiful wedding party table.  And yes we will climb trees for you to create the perfect setting for that natural romantic look.

Simple baby's breath with just a few simple flowers can make a beautiful display.

We collect vintage wedding toppers and love adding them to the venues.

Pretty milk glass vases as table assignments.  

Do you want a dreamy lace back drop for your ceremony? 

Here is an overview of our set up, a couple lounge areas for your guests to just sit relax and take in the view!

We had so much fun putting this together and the brides we met was so worth it.

Happy weddings!
Sue & Kathy

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chalkboards at Vintage Chic Affairs

Big Boy!  This guy is huge, 6 feet X 6 feet.
What I love about this chalkboard is it's from Lake Como Elementary school, where I(Sue) went in the 60's.

Here's another big one, let's call her Big Girl.  She needs a little help standing up because she doesn't have the feet her brother has.
She's 36"x60"

18"x22"  she's a good table top size.
A pretty turquoise color.

Plain Jane here, she may be plain but she can tell a story!

Little Bit is 8"x10" outside and 4"x6" inside
I like to see I Do on here..

She's just so pretty!  An old shabby frame made into a chalkboard.

A simple table top, all these can be erased and you write your message.

We love finding old school house chalkboards.
We have 2 so far.
They are about 11"x7"

Just wanted to show you some of our chalkboards and what you can do with them.

You know we are in the Orlando area, if you are interested in renting email us at
Check us out on FB

Enjoy your day!
Sue & Kathy

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A look at some of what we have!

Look at these vintage tins!!  These are the real thing, not a reproduction.  
So cool!

Love love our real old milk jug, I mean vintage old.  I see this in a really cool farm venue along some hay bales!

Always love a vintage mailbox for your sweet cards from your sweet guests.

Oh so we love this old olive bucket!  This is just cool all by itself.
Don't you think?

Filled with pine cones for the fall event you are having.

So many possibilities!!
Holding vases with flowers or silverware, plastic or vintage!

Don't you see your sign in book here?!

This beauty says it all!
So many possibilities!
She's 19 1/2 inches wide
45 inches long!
Great at the entrance way for your event.  You can either rent it and write your own message or have Kathy write it for you for a fee!!  She's worth it!

Another great place for your guests to put their sweet cards for you.

Look at this!!
A vintage movie screen!!
Wouldn't this be so wonderful at your vintage event showing old movies or photos?!!
We think this is so cool.
Oh, a kids party outside with a movie!!

Now these fooled us!  They look vintage but they are not!
What a great sign for you dessert table!

So cool for your cook out!

Who doesn't love grilled hot dogs?

You should see her lit up, she's amazing!

Rusty crusty lanterns!
Only for decoration, but they sure look amazing!

Copper bucket for your cold drinks always looks great!

Let's play games at your next party!

Hummmm, do we have vintage suitcases you ask?
You think?!

Our newest addition to our rental collection!
These are awesome!


Just a look at some of our collection available to rent for your next event.
Why buy and pay a lot when you can rent for a whole lot less and then you don't have to store it forever and never use it again!

Fall is on it's way, let the parties begin!

Thanks for letting us show you some of what we have to offer.

Sue & Kathy
Vintage Chic Affairs

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Styled Photo Shoot at The Acre Orlando

Kathy & I discovered The Acre on FB.  FB has really been a great source of information to us since we started this adventure last October.  We decided to visit The Acre and see what they would work for our vintage rental company.  First of all we were surprised at the location.  It's in a very populated area of Orlando called College Park, right on the main street.  You would have no idea they were there unless you are specifically going to their place.  When you find them and pull in the kind of hidden entrance you are very surprised. I wish I had taken more pictures of the buildings, next time.

We wanted to set up in the front building that has an old farm house feel and being white we thought it was perfect for a wedding shoot.  We set up a sweetheart table and a sign in area for sweet notes. 

The fire place was so fun styling.  Next time I think we will try filling it full of tarnished silver.  I think it would look amazing against the white background.  

We have a lot of vintage suitcases to rent, I think these are my favorite.  We even like the one with out the handle, it's a pain to carry around but it's the price we pay for the vintage look.

This was our sign in desk or you could use it for a small desert table, set up old family wedding photos

Deanna Meredith was the photographer.  She was amazing!  If you are in the central Florida area she is the photographer for you.

Is she moving?  Why is she moving?  I have no clue how I did this.


Never too many brides, we had no groom.

Deanna Meredith was just a sweetheart!

I bought this hand made vintage wedding dress at the thrift store for $49.49!  

This pretty girl was the runner up at a beauty pageant at Disney on Sunday.
She knew what she was doing.

We had a great time styling the mantel.  Next time I think I want to try filling it full with silver tarnished candle holders and drippy white candles.

This was a lot of work but we had fun.
Can't wait to see the photos Deanna (FB)took, she was very good!  I hope we get to work with her again.
Thank you for being here, we hope you enjoyed the photos.

Sue & Kathy